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Expert auto interior repairs

Complete Automotive Interior Repair

New or old, your vehicle's interior will eventually need restorative service. Vitop Inc goes beyond simple soaping and steaming, bringing the expertise of a seasoned team of repair experts to completely restore your vehicle's interior, carpet, dash, and ceiling.

Quality seat and upholstery repairs

If you're a purist and want to keep as much originality to your car as humanely possible, you've found the right place. Vitop Inc specializes in full automotive interior repairs, including structural and padding restorations for your vehicle's seating as well as

precise carpet stretching to restore its firmness.

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All auto interior repairs are guaranteed

Vitop Inc proudly guarantees the labor and materials used in all repairs made to your vehicle seating, carpet, upholstery, vinyl or convertible top, and interior. Trust a company with nearly 50 years of restoration experience.

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If it's not completely destroyed, we'll give your upholstery, carpeting, and interior the right repairs using perfect restorative techniques. You'll never know your vehicle aged in the first place – and the results will turn heads.